Can I block days or change prices?

You will have access to a platform that gives you complete visibility of prices and vacant nights, but you will not be able to edit the details on your end. If you need to block nights for private reasons, please inform us, and we will promptly do so.

Can I check on my listing when it is live?

Yes. We provide you with a link and password for your Online Owner Portal, where to see the revenue of every month, average occupancy, price, and vacant nights.

Can I end the contract?

You can cancel the collaboration at any time with 30 days of notice. Although previously booked days of the Property will still be under our contract, and The Zandis will be responsible for hosting those specific reservations.

Can I keep my belongings in my home?

Yes, sure, you can have your items in the apartment, but if you do not want the guest to use them, we also offer tips on how to lock certain areas/closets of the house.

Can I set a minimum price for my propriety?

Yes, you can choose a minimum price, and we will never go below that. Still, we do not recommend giving us such limitation as we sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools to pick the perfect price per season, Property, location, and day of the week to maximize your revenue.

Can I stay in my apartment when I come to Israel?

Absolutely yes. You can block any date for your personal use, but we do require you a bit of notice as we do not allow cancellations of already paid dates and confirmed reservations.

Can I work with more short term companies at the same time?

We do not offer this option. We list the Property on multiple platforms and manage all the calendars together. So we do not recommend working with other management companies at the same time.

Can any apartment be used for short term rentals?

Any apartment can be listed. We estimate your Property before starting to work together.

Do I have to pay taxes?

We prepare invoices for every guest staying in your property and hand you the total Revenues in an Excel file every month. You are responsible for paying the taxes in the required state.

Do I have to take pictures of the home?

We are going to organize a professional photoshoot in collaboration with Airbnb.

Do I need to pay the cleaner?

All the cleaning fees, laundry services, and essentials are charged to the Guest. The Owner does not pay any of these costs.

Do you manage apartments only in Tel Aviv?

We currently manage proprieties in Tel Aviv, Yaffo, Cesarea, and Nathania. Still, we are open to working in any city.

Does The Zanids also organize the furniture of the apartment?

This service is not included in the management price. But we do offer interior design and restyling of the Property.

How do you transfer the money?

We wire the money every month directly to your bank account.

How much can I make with my apartment?

Every Property has different potential. On average, we can say that most of our owners have seen an increase of 50-100% on their average long term rental revenue.

How much does The Zandis charge for its services?

We keep a 20% + Israeli VAT, which means approximately 23%.

How much does it cost to work with The Zandis?

There are no fixed costs or starting costs: we only keep 20% + Isreali VAT on the paid reservations. We make money only if you do.

How much time will this business take from me? I already have a full-time job.

Zero time. We will take care of everything at any time. If you are not in Israel at the moment, we can also go and see the Property on our own. All we need is your authorization and someone to hand us the keys

I can do my cleaning, I need help with the online answering and increasing my reservations

Perfect! We offer an online management service where we take 10% + Israeli VAT and take care of everything that concerns publishing, answering, pricing, and communications online. You will be responsible for cleaning check-in of the guest and maintenance

I do not use a smartphone, can I still use The Zandis?

Yes, sure, we manage all the platforms and communications, you will only receive one time a month an update with your income and a confirmation of the transfer to your bank account.

I don´t want the guest to sleep in my bedsheets

We will prepare bed sheets and towels for the exclusive use of the guests and lock your linens for your private use only.

Is it ok if I do not have an Israeli bank account?

Sure, no problem, we send the money to your bank in the desired country.

Is my propriety beautiful enough?

Appearance and amenities are fundamental when dealing with short term rental business. Luckily we have expert interior designers that can guide you with a few tips or also redesign the place from scratch.

What happens when a guest has an issue or needs help?

We are 100% responsible for every guest and reservation. You will never be disturbed by any guest.

What if something breaks?

Real damages are extremely rare to happen, but if this would occur, it is our responsibility to change the guest or contact the Airbnb Insurance Company to pay back the damage. If the guest has not caused the accident but is instead from reasonable usage of an object (example light bulbs, old boiler etc.) in this case, we are responsible for fixing the issue. Still, the Owner is responsible for the cost of the material and/or Expert call.

What if they make a party at my house?

We have a strict "no party, no smoking" policy. If the guests go against our terms, they will be charged for it, and we would immediately send them out of the Property

When do I get the money?

We calculate the income of every Property at the end of each month, and you will receive the profit in your bank account within the first week of the following month.

Will my name appear in the property listing?

We respect your privacy and can list all the apartments under the name of our own company. There is no need for your name to appear anywhere.

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